In 2007, a small group of Slovak bar professionals in Bratislava – the
city Gary Regan used to call “the cocktail capital of the world” –
decided to launch a new magazine dedicated solely to bar culture. What began as an underdog, niche, slightly underground project soon became a bartender bible.

Barmagazine covers all things bar-related – from spirits flavoring through Japanese cocktail prepping to the power of meditation. We’ve always taken huge pride in our Slovak roots – even gurus such as Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller have written exclusive articles that raise a glass to the talents of Slovak bartenders. But now Barmagazine is about to write a new chapter in its history…

That’s right. Thirteen years since its first issue (has it really been that long?), we’ve decided to offer our content to a worldwide audience, extending our global readership. So now even more of you can join us in celebrating the fabulous people and places that make the drinks world flow. We’re also delighted to welcome back the founder of Analog Bartending Institute and Nikka Whisky Hospitality Advocate  Stan Vadrna, the magazine’s original content director.

With its unique design, signature illustrations and high-quality content, Barmagazine is sure to remain every bartender’s go-to guide. And while we know we’re starting out on this new journey in the most turbulent of times, we also know the bar industry will survive and be all the stronger for it. That’s why we’re supporting it every sip of the way!